1. Buttery tender Texas style brisket. In the Bay Area!

  2. Meat and fire. Burnt Ends from a freshly rested brisket hanging out in the smoker for 15 hours.

  3. Paprika Powder: Born from dried red bell peppers and chile powder. Used in dishes to enhance flavor and add color. Combine with lemon or lime to your fish, chicken, or meat.

    • High in Vitamin C (9x as much as a tomato)
    • Anti-Inflammatory Compounds for  Topical Medicines - Gout, arthritis, artherosclerosis
    • Aids digestion, lowers blood pressure, and increases blood circulation

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  4. orangeandpear:

    Top 10 Antioxidant Foods/Herbs

    Foods (ORAC Units per 1 gram)
    1. Acai berry 3,800 
    2. Mangosteen 3,000 
    3. Cacao Powder 809 
    4. Goji Berry 253 
    5. Dark Chocolate 208 
    6. Pecans 179 
    7. Elderberry 147 
    8. Walnuts 135 
    9. Pomegranate 105 
    10. Cranberries 95.8 

    Herbs (ORAC Units per gram)

    1. Cloves 3,144
    2. Cinnamon 2,675
    3. Oregano 2,001
    4. Ground Turmeric 1,593
    5. Parsley 743
    6. Curry Powder 485
    7. Sage 320
    8. Ginger 288
    9. Thyme 274
    10. Chili Powder 236

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  5. wtfsfblog:

    PROBIOTICS: You see them everywhere, yet what do they do?

     Probiotics is a term I’ve come across while shopping for groceries many a time, yet I haven’t the grainiest idea what they are or what they do. Here’s what I’ve found:

     Probiotics in a food sense is a form of “healthy” bacteria/microorganism that you introduce into your body to help other elements in your body combat stuff that can be harmful to your health.

     The benefits:

     Think of them as being a watchman in the annals of your digestive system. Basically they keep the bad bacteria away that give you diarheea, stomach aches, etc.

     Not only do they keep bad bacteria away, but they open doors to minerals and vitamins that normally pass through our digestive system unabsorbed. They rid the intestines of unwanted junk and buildup so there’s more room to take in the things that our body needs to operate at optimal level.

     For those that are lactose intolerant, they make it easier for our bodies to digest and tolerate lactose.

     What are probiotic foods?

     Looks to me like most fermented foods are probiotic, and here are some examples:

    •  Kimchi
    • Miso
    • Tempeh
    • Yogurt
    • Keffir
    • Saurkraut

  6. Anonymous said: How much is 95% of the time? Is 5% one meal a week?

    Hi there! Yes one meal a week and sometimes twice.

  7. Experiment @wtf_sf no. 2. Beef brisket + brined whole chicken + applewood chips and lots of patience!

  8. Took some extra time on dinner for Mrs. Ferrer. Gnocci and meatballs with roasted veggies.

  9. Long ride on the bike today from SF to Millbrae. Had to stop and snap the Rucker Park for Pinoys. #gellert @feelinlucky

  11. To see thee more clearly. To follow thee more nearly.

  12. Any takers?

  15. Oven ready. It’s goin down! Super Bowl Short Rib Chili!!! Bring on the chips, mates!!!